Quart Jug

Quart Jug
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The quart size jug is our most popular size. It contains enough maple syrup for the whole family to enjoy, in a size that easily stores in the refrigerator. The quart size jug is also a great gift! The syrup is packaged in Chandler's Sugar Shack's cream & brown colored jug. This product usually ships in 1-2 days.

Golden Delicate - Lightest color syrup, usually made early in the syrup season, with delicate maple flavor.

Amber Rich - Lighter in color, a great choice for consumers looking for a full bodied syrup with medium taste intensity.

Dark Robust -  This syrup has a hearty maple flavor. This is our most popular grade.

Very Dark Strong -  The darkest syrup with the most robust maple flavor. Also great for use in cooking. 

Please note: only the grades shown in the drop down menu are currently available.

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